About Us


Our main activity as Çevrükler Machinery is to realize manufactured machinery and equipment of various shapes and sizes of wall blocks and paving stones.

Çevrükler Machinery realizes 95% of its manufacturing machinery at its own plants and do not cause any trouble to its customers especially on spare parts of the machinery equipment with the help and existence of its large machinery plant. 5% rest of its production is provided by again leading firms of the related sectors and in this way Çevrükler Machinery is able to provide its customers with high quality products.

Wall block production facility systems offered by Çevrükler Machinery to its customers contain PLC controlled full automatic, semi automatyic and manual options. All the so-called machinery is controlled by hydraulic system. Within the facilities containing PLC controlled full automatic machinery equipment,

each unit on the premises are connected and operated with computer controlled automation system. Çevrükler Machinery, with its internally developed fully automatic machinery equipment, has downloaded the labor cost to the minimum level and reduced the level of dependence on human power to the least.



As being one of the leading manufacturers of its own sector, Çevrükler Machinery, due experienced personnel in its own, fully meets the customer expectations on superior quality and customer satisfaction and with its knowledge and experience, keeps the company and the products always new and continuously improving. Çevrükler Machinery is able to fully understand and welcome the customers' needs and to provide them with various customizable opportunities and it provides the best and most efficient use of investments with its concrete block manufacturing plant that is able to provide solution to all capacities and needs.



Çevrükler Machinery's most basic and unconditional purpose is to achieve customer satisfaction and to allow to drop tribulations down to a minimum level in concrete block production. For this reason, at all levels of its employees – from top to the lowest, believes all have enough education to continuously  develop product development skills and knowledge of its employees those of which are necessary to be increased and act accordingly. As Çevrükler Machinery, our goal is to achieve art of a perfectionist production within the whole sector we are operating